Friday, 20 March 2009

Blue Skies in Belfast

From Belfast Photos Today


  1. I've never seen blue sky in Belfast:)

  2. I'm looking at the ferris wheel and thinking that the building must be massive! The architecture looks fascinating too. Love your St. Patrick's Day photos! We don't celebrate it here. I guess we don't have many Irish ex-pats.

    Ross, please don't forget to update your account in CDP with your new url. I was wondering why your thumbnail went blank — thought it was a glitch. I use the portal's "Favorites" rather than Blogger's "Following" because my computer's pretty old and Blogger can be such a pain sometimes. Of course, the CDP portal gets its own share of problems, like now — the thing hasn't updated in more than 8 hours! Oh well. Nothing's perfect.

  3. joo - I know, I forget what the sun looks like sometimes when I'm here

    fiz - thanks :)

    Hilda - Thanks for the feedback, yea the wheel's a little bigger than city hall, but I think the angle makes it seem bigger than it actually is!

    I knew I was forgetting something re: updating my CDP details, so thanks for the reminder.

  4. I have never been in belfast when the sky has been blue!! lovely shot Ross!

  5. thankks tom, its like completely different place when the sun shines


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