Sunday, 22 March 2009

Ralph busking, Castle Street, Belfast

From Belfast Photos Today


  1. Pete Doherty fallen on hard times.....

  2. Nice desaturation feel to this shot. I love seeing as well as hearing musicians, wherever they might be playing. I've just enjoyed a pleasant trip through all your photos and love them. I have to ask about your camera gear and did I notice an HDR shot.
    Best to you as you blog daily. Its a fun challenge to keep up with, but the City Daily Photo Blog gang of friends help make it special. BTW, don't forget to add the CDPB portal link to your sidebar. You will get lots more visitors and be linked to all of us (drives up your Google and other search engine placement and all that mysterious cyberspace voodoo that brings visitors your way.
    Seattle Daily Photo

  3. hey kim, thanks for the comment

    Camera's a Canon 400D, nifty fifty + 55-200mm. Still learning at the minute! But this'll be a good way to document the progress.

    How do I put the CDPB link in the sidebar? I couldn't find it in the gadgets?

  4. My gosh he does look like Doherty. Nah, he's too clean. Love the composition. I miss buskers, we rarely get them here.

    If you sign into the CDP and check out the forums somewere there is the code to grab to add to your blog. I cam't recall where excatly but there is a thread about it.

  5. I'll have to let him know that the Doherty consensus is getting stronger.

    Added the CDP gadget, thanks :)


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