Sunday, 15 March 2009

A photo of Hobbes and Susie for good measure (Picasa Test)

From Belfast Photos Today


  1. Hi Ross... thanks for comment.. funny you should mention tilt shift but we've been messing about doing some this weekend practicing on pints of beer and plates of food and my foot! Love the irish cats... we have four of the b*ggers but one looks just like these is Belfast today?

  2. Yea they're good to have around, although I have an allergy to them which isn't really very ideal.

    Belfast is cold and slightly wet today, so hoping it clears up abit during the week. Been experimenting with some HDR shots of Queens University, so I may post them up tomorrow if I don't get out

    Tilt shift is crazy isn't it? Such a simple way of tricking the eye.

  3. Hee, that's cute. The one on the right can't sleep without his paw on the other? ;D

    Love your previous post! Gives a great sense of what it's like to be in the middle of the city.

  4. thanks hilda, i'm gonna try get some good shots of the St. Patricks day parade tomorrow, so it should add a totally different complection on the avenue

  5. This is gorgeous! Good capture

  6. woooooo haha cheers, bit spur of the moment, just happened do be there with SLR didnt I


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