Sunday, 26 April 2009

Grey day at the Waterworks, Antrim Road, Belfast

From Belfast Photos Today


  1. Well, it's the weather I remember - grey sky all the time. But I like it anyway:)

  2. yup, most of the time :( Summer's just around the corner, so we might get a week or two of sunshine :P

  3. Do you ever get out to Hollywood area? Hope you're feeling better?

  4. It'll be a nice day for a walk... if ever it would not rain.. anyways, the photo is simply amazing. cheers

  5. hey tom (or emma) sorry for the late reply! Not often, but it is nice around there. I'm in North Belfast at the min, so it's a little far out.

    Feeling alot better thanks, think that Lucozade did the trick :P

    Iloilo - Thanks the comment! Belfast is much nicer in the sun, but then I guess most places are. Cheers for stopping by


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