Wednesday, 22 July 2009


Apologies for the recent slump in posts. It's been due to a combination of things, but namely the fact that I just haven't been out snapping!

Welcome to the new followers fixblog and Rob! Also, check out a friend of mine's blog:

Blackberry Sherbet

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  1. Welcome back to action Belfast Ross! I really like the castle ruin pics from before! Kind regards from EAGAN daily photo in Minnesota, USA

  2. Leif - Hi, thanks for the comment and hope you enjoy the blog. I've been a little crap recently with regards to updating this, so hopefully I'll get some more pics up ASAP. Missesota's is on my list of places to visit, whence I get the time/money to cross the pond!

  3. Get busy? Why not make it weekly photo, or you can activate automatic uploader. Not that I know how to do it :).

  4. henny - yea, i suppose i good, but a daily photoblog seems more attractive! just need to get the photos. Haven't heard of an automatic uploader? Don't think i'd trust it anyway.

  5. I hope you find more time soon! Just one day of walking around should be good for a month or more. And when you have a little more time in your hands than usual, use Blogger's scheduled post feature to post several days' worth. I used to post daily but work's hectic this year so I use Saturdays or Sundays to post a week or two's worth of photos so I don't have to worry about the blog during the work week. Hope that helps.

  6. Hilda - thanks for the advice, think i'll look into the scheduler. Cheers!


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