Tuesday, 4 August 2009

University of Ulster, Belfast Campus

From Belfast Photos Today


  1. Lovely snap and I like how you framed the photo!

  2. Lovely treatment to this archway which you have captured perfectly.

  3. I like how you framed this photo. The doorway has a very interesting arch and I love the glass facade of the university.

  4. Leif - Thanks. I was on my way the bank and literally just the saw the arch. I've been wanting to get a shot of the University for a while, so the framing was perfect!

    Julie - Cheers, as I said to Leif, I came across it by accident really, but it worked out well! Welcome to the blog by the way.

    Hilda - Yea, the University underwent a big overhaul a few years ago - it's mainly the Arts division of the University, so I'm sure they had a final say in the look of the building.


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